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Uber Eats to Edit Super Bowl Ad Amid Criticism of Peanut Allergy Joke



Uber Eats To Edit Super Bowl Ad Amid Criticism Of Peanut Allergy Joke

Uber Eats has announced that it will make changes to its recent Super Bowl advertisement following backlash over a joke involving a man’s peanut allergy. The commercial, featuring prominent figures like David Beckham, Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Aniston, and David Schwimmer, revolves around the theme of forgetfulness.

In the ad, Aniston comically forgets her ‘Friends‘ co-star, while the Beckhams struggle to recall Victoria’s former group, the ‘Spice Girls.’ However, a segment that drew criticism depicted a man with peanut butter, seemingly experiencing allergic reactions, making light of life-threatening allergies.

The Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE) organization expressed deep disappointment over the portrayal of severe food allergies as humor in the ad. Social media users and advocacy groups, including Food Allergy Canada, denounced the insensitivity towards such critical health issues, emphasizing the seriousness of allergic reactions.

Following the public outcry, Sung Poblete, CEO of FARE, stated that she engaged with a senior Uber Eats executive, who assured that the commercial would be revised. Poblete acknowledged the community’s response in influencing the decision, thanking Uber for acknowledging the concerns and committing to address the problematic portrayal of peanut allergies.

Expressing gratitude, Poblete shared the news on Twitter, heralding the revision as a positive outcome for the food allergy community. While the specifics of the edits were not disclosed, the swift action by Uber Eats marks a notable response to the criticism, signaling a shift in advertising sensitivity towards health-related subjects.

Rachel Adams

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