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Conrad Black Releases Epic Historical Volume Packed with Powerful Figures



Conrad Black Releases Epic Historical Volume Packed With Powerful Figures

Renowned historian and author Conrad Black has unveiled his latest masterpiece, ‘The Political and Strategic History of the World: Volume I, From Antiquity to the Caesars, 14 AD’. This comprehensive and captivating volume delves deep into the annals of human civilization, focusing on the political and strategic developments that shaped our world.

One of the notable heroes that Black highlights in his book is Hannibal, the Carthaginian general renowned for his audacious crossing of the Alps. This remarkable feat has been immortalized in art, such as Nicholas Poussin’s iconic painting ‘Hannibal Crossing the Alps on an Elephant’.

Alongside Hannibal, Black also pays homage to other influential figures, including Alexander the Great and Julius Caesar. These historical powerhouses left indelible marks on the world, forever shaping the course of history.

Black’s dedication to his craft is reminiscent of Sir Walter Raleigh, who famously wrote his own history of the world while imprisoned in the Bloody Tower. Raleigh’s commitment and passion for knowledge continue to inspire historians to this day.

Rachel Adams

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