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The Power of Praying in God’s Temple



The Power Of Praying In God's Temple

Many individuals often underestimate the significance of going to church or any place of fellowship. They question the need for gathering with others when they believe that God is present everywhere. However, it is essential to comprehend the true nature of God’s temple, which is ultimately a house of prayer as highlighted in Isaiah 56:7. This notion is further validated by Jesus Himself in Matthew 21:12-13. Although it is possible to pray anywhere and be heard by God, there is something unique about praying in the designated house of prayer.

The atmosphere in a house of prayer is already charged, and heavenly protocols are established to ensure that prayers offered in this sacred space will be answered. The power that resides in a dedicated place of prayer is awe-inspiring. Just like the experience of Jacob in Genesis 28:10-17, where he dreams of a ladder connecting heaven and earth, a portal is formed between heaven and earth in a place where prayers are consistently offered.

As an illustration, the personal prayer room of Pastor E.A. Adeboye, located in what is now known as Open Heavens House, created such a spiritual portal. Through many hours of fervent prayers, this room became a conduit for divine intervention. Numerous individuals who had previously prayed without tangible results found breakthroughs when they prayed in this room. Incredible testimonies abound, such as healing from physical deformities and afflictions.

It is important to note that what distinguished their prayers was not merely the words spoken but the fact that they prayed in a location that had become a gateway between heaven and earth. A dedicated house of prayer, where intense prayers have taken place for an extended period, is saturated with tremendous power. Therefore, although individual prayer is crucial, the opportunity to come together in a gathering of believers amplifies the efficacy of prayer.

The temple of God, as a house of prayer, holds immense power. It is imperative to embrace and engage in this sacred practice regularly.

Rachel Adams

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