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Chicago Pastor’s Unwavering Belief in America’s Promise



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Chicago‘s Pastor Corey Brooks, founder of New Beginnings Church of Chicago and Project H.O.O.D, reflects on his unwavering belief in America‘s promise despite facing negative forces that tout systemic racism in the nation.

Brooks stresses that he never doubted his freedom as an American, standing firm in his conviction that he is as free as any citizen regardless of color, a realization that has been a cornerstone of his life.

Despite being told by individuals that America is a systemically racist nation run by White supremacists, Brooks shares that he never bought into such notions, expressing his gratitude for maintaining his deep faith in America and its principles.

Brooks reminisces about his childhood in Indiana, where visits to a small Tennessee town named Kenton with his grandfather, Mr. R.B, instilled in him a profound love for America and its values.

He fondly recalls the joyous Fourth of July celebrations in Kenton, marked by a tight-knit community, delectable food, and spectacular fireworks that illuminated the town’s sky.

Brooks recounts his grandfather’s inspiring words about America’s boundless opportunities, emphasizing that hard work is the key to achieving one’s dreams in the land of freedom.

Despite facing segregation, Mr. R.B, who only had a fourth-grade education, exemplified the American spirit by working tirelessly as a lawncare business owner and bloodhound breeder, providing for his large family and earning respect from both Black and White community members.

As a tribute to his late grandfather and mother, Brooks continues to champion America’s virtues in his Chicago community, urging young individuals to dream big and embrace the American dream.

Brooks acknowledges the fragility of America’s dream amidst challenges and cynicism, underscoring his commitment to preserving the essence of America on the streets every day through his work with Project H.O.O.D.

Rachel Adams

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