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Jennifer Lawrence Urged Robert De Niro to Leave Rehearsal Dinner at Her Wedding, De Niro Shares Contrasting Experience



Jennifer Lawrence Urged Robert De Niro To Leave Rehearsal Dinner At Her Wedding, De Niro Shares Contrasting Experience

Jennifer Lawrence revealed a humorous anecdote from her 2019 wedding to Cooke Maroney, sharing that she discreetly urged her esteemed guest, Robert De Niro, to leave the festivities early. The actress disclosed this during a recent interview at the Golden Globes, where she reflected on the eventful wedding celebration held at the iconic Belcourt of Newport mansion in Newport, Rhode Island.

Lawrence, known for her roles in Silver Linings Playbook, American Hustle, and Joy alongside De Niro, expressed her concerns about guests’ enjoyment, admitting she was more preoccupied with ensuring others were having a good time rather than herself.

During the rehearsal dinner, Lawrence noticed De Niro wandering around and felt he might not be completely at ease in the setting. In a moment of lighthearted intervention, she whispered to him, “Go home,” subtly suggesting it might be time for him to make an early exit. Although De Niro obliged and engaged in polite conversation with Lawrence’s parents before leaving, the actress found humor and relief in the situation.

Contrary to Lawrence’s recollection, De Niro shared a differing perspective on the events of that evening. The seasoned actor revealed that he didn’t feel out of place or uncomfortable, mentioning that his brief presence was enjoyable and amiable. De Niro clarified that he spent only about an hour at the rehearsal dinner, indicating that his time there was pleasant.

The playful dynamic between De Niro and Lawrence extends beyond their on-screen collaborations, as the two have often shared jovial interactions publicly. At the GLAAD Media Awards, Lawrence humorously described De Niro as a father figure to her, highlighting their weekly meetings at the Greenwich Hotel for advice sessions. The actress narrated instances of De Niro’s endearing gestures, including affectionate cheek pinches and comparisons to his daughter, Helen.

In a touching tribute at the GLAAD Media Awards, Lawrence commended De Niro for his kindness, wisdom, and generosity, emphasizing the positive impact he has had on those around him. De Niro reciprocated the playful banter, jokingly remarking on the limitations of their father-daughter dynamic and adding a humorous quip about being a father figure.

For more captivating insights on the engaging duo, readers can delve into the latest issue of People, where additional details on Robert De Niro and Jennifer Lawrence’s dynamic friendship are sure to entertain.

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