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Renowned Bishop Allan Kiuna Passes Away After Cancer Battle



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Jubilee Christian Church (JCC) is mourning the loss of its co-founder and senior pastor, Bishop Allan Kiuna, following a valiant fight against cancer. The influential Bishop passed away at a Nairobi hospital after battling the disease with resilience.

Bishop Kiuna, a revered figure within the religious community, was diagnosed with multiple myeloma cancer in 2018/2019. This type of cancer manifests when abnormal plasma cells accumulate in the bone marrow, leading to tumour formation in the bones.

The news of Bishop Kiuna’s passing has left the JCC community and the wider Christian fraternity in sorrow, with many recounting his dynamic preaching and unwavering faith as inspirational. His wife, Bishop Kathy Kiuna, who co-founded JCC with him, shared in the grief with their family and friends at their Runda home.

Having been candid about his battle with cancer since late 2023, Bishop Kiuna was candid about his journey, especially his year-long treatment in the United States. The treatment cost a staggering Sh384 million, a testament to the severity of his condition.

“For the year that I was in the US, my treatment cost $3 million, and I didn’t part with a single coin from my pocket because the God of heaven provided. I did not call anyone,” Bishop Kiuna expressed gratitude for the divine provision during his challenging period.

The church and community remember Bishop Kiuna for his powerful sermons and transformative leadership that helped establish JCC’s global prominence. Colleagues like Dr. Ezekiel Mutua, the CEO of the Music Copyright Society of Kenya, extended condolences to the Kiuna family and the JCC congregation, recognizing Bishop Kiuna’s significant impact on many lives.

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