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DA Surpasses ANC in New Voter Registrations Ahead of South African Election



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In an important milestone, the Democratic Alliance (DA) proudly announces that, for the first time, they have outperformed the ANC in new voter registrations and re-registrations. This achievement highlights the DA’s success in securing the largest share of new and re-registrations, with nearly 37% compared to the ANC’s 33.8%.

The latest registration data from the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) reveals that between 23 November last year and 5 January, a total of 162,598 new and re-registrations were recorded. Out of these, 59,689 were for the DA, clearly indicating the potential for change in the upcoming South African election.

It is crucial to note that a new law has altered the voter registration rules for this election. Voters must now cast their ballots at the specific voting station where they are registered, with no option to vote at a different station on Election Day. This means individuals cannot spend the day at a friend’s or family member’s place and vote at the nearest station as before.

As a result, every eligible voter must ensure correct registration by visiting their designated voting station. To facilitate this, all voting stations will be open this weekend for a final opportunity for in-person registration. It is important to act now as in-person voter registration will not be available after Sunday.

A key aspect of this election is the Power of One voter who can make a significant difference. While millions have pledged to vote for the DA, the outcome can hinge on just one vote. Therefore, it is crucial for every South African who loves their country to embrace this power positively by registering and voting.

The DA acknowledges the challenges faced with the IEC’s online voter registration portal and is actively working with them to resolve these issues. However, due to these concerns, it is strongly encouraged for voters to visit their nearest voting stations for in-person registration. The IEC has ensured the timely opening of voting stations with Voting Management Devices ready and online to facilitate the registration process.

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