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DA Calls for Immediate Action Against Deputy President Paul Mashatile over Corruption Allegations



Da Calls For Immediate Action Against Deputy President Paul Mashatile Over Corruption Allegations

The Democratic Alliance (DA) has called on President Cyril Ramaphosa to take immediate action against Deputy President Paul Mashatile following the submission of a dossier containing damning corruption allegations. The DA handed over the dossier to the Office of the President at the Union Buildings, claiming that President Ramaphosa’s failure to act against Mashatile implies a lack of will to address the scandal within his government.

In recent months, multiple investigative journalists have published explosive exposés outlining extensive corruption and state capture allegations against Paul Mashatile, spanning almost two decades. The DA argues that these alleged actions constitute violations of various laws, including the Prevention and Combatting of Corrupt Activities Act, the Public Finance Management Act, and the Executive Members’ Ethics Act. With this dossier now in President Ramaphosa’s possession, the DA asserts that he can no longer claim ignorance.

The DA also highlights President Ramaphosa’s unfulfilled promise to conduct lifestyle audits of his executive members, which would have exposed any corrupt dealings. They point out that, even after five years in office, the South African national executive still includes several ministers facing serious corruption allegations, with Paul Mashatile being the most compromised. This inaction from the president reflects yet another broken promise from a leader deemed as passive in addressing corruption.

With the opening of parliament approaching, the DA has presented President Ramaphosa with the necessary information to remove Mashatile from his executive office. They argue that South Africa cannot be governed by a Deputy President facing mounting corruption allegations. In the event that President Ramaphosa fails to announce Mashatile’s removal in his upcoming State of the Nation Address, the DA intends to take further action, including filing criminal charges against Mashatile and a complaint under the Executive Members’ Ethics Act.

Going forward, the DA plans to emphasize in all submissions to law enforcement that President Ramaphosa now possesses the dossier containing the allegations against Mashatile. They argue that his failure to act could potentially implicate him in the corruption scheme. The DA commits to an ongoing campaign to hold both Ramaphosa and Mashatile accountable for their actions.

South Africa recently attained its lowest-ever ranking on the global Corruption Perceptions Index, signaling a worsening corruption problem under President Ramaphosa compared to his predecessor, Jacob Zuma. The DA posits that the president’s inactivity regarding the illegal actions of his cabinet members and ANC cadres contributes to eroding public confidence and undermining the effectiveness of the public service. They assert that President Ramaphosa is presiding over a corrupt government.

The DA acknowledges that President Ramaphosa lacks the will to take decisive action and therefore intends to intensify their campaign against Mashatile through other avenues. However, they stress that the ultimate long-term solution to combating endemic corruption in South Africa is to vote the ANC out of power in the upcoming General Elections. They urge all South Africans to register to vote on the 3rd and 4th of February to support a new, corruption-free government.

Rachel Adams

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