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Maroon 5 to Fulfill a Young Fan’s Dream in South Africa



Maroon 5 To Fulfill A Young Fan's Dream In South Africa

A few years ago, a baby girl named Jagger was born to Alex and Justin. Since then, her parents have serenaded her with Maroon 5‘s 2011 hit ‘Moves Like Jagger’ countless times. This adorable little girl genuinely believes that the song was written just for her, despite it being released before her birth.

Jagger’s aunt, Lusanda, shared that her niece thinks Maroon 5 specifically dedicated the song to her. Now, with Maroon 5 scheduled to perform in Cape Town, South Africa, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity has arisen for Jagger to witness the band she believes she inspired live.

To make Jagger’s dream come true, a collective effort has been made to arrange flights, tickets, and child-friendly accommodation for the family in Cape Town. They have managed to secure seats near the stage, ensuring Jagger’s experience is as close to her idolized band as possible. Jagger even has a special t-shirt proudly declaring, ‘I am Jagger’.

Lusanda’s ultimate wish is for Jagger’s story to garner widespread attention, with the hope that Maroon 5 themselves will learn about Jagger’s special bond with their song and dedicate a shout-out to her during the Cape Town concert. The family is excitedly anticipating a possible encounter between Jagger and her musical heroes.

Lusanda added, ‘If we succeed in making this happen, I doubt any other 6-year-old in the world could ever be more delighted in their entire life!’

Rachel Adams

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