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The Unlikely Friendship of Jimmy Fallon and Steve Higgins: A Decade of Late-Night Bonding



On a recent episode of The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon and his announcer Steve Higgins shared a heartwarming tale of their unexpected friendship that has flourished over a decade in the realm of late-night television.

The duo’s bond, which transcends the stage of Studio 8H, where they first crossed paths during their time on Saturday Night Live, was highlighted during the show which celebrated The Tonight Show’s 10-year anniversary.

As Fallon reminisced with The Roots and Higgins, he affectionately acknowledged the pivotal role Higgins has played in the success of the show, dating back to their SNL days in 1998, when they collaborated on numerous comedic gems.

Higgins, a seasoned writer and producer at SNL, has been instrumental in shaping Fallon’s late-night career, from iconic sketches like ‘Cowbell’ with Christopher Walken to ‘Barry Gibb Talk Show’ with Justin Timberlake.

The heartwarming moment when Fallon proposed the idea of Higgins becoming his sidekick and announcer was revealed, and it all unfolded in an unexpected setting – a Paul Weller concert where Fred Armisen also made a surprising appearance.

The flash of inspiration struck Fallon during the concert as he spotted Higgins in the crowd, leading to a serendipitous conversation that would change the course of their careers forever.

Higgins, recalling the moment with humor, described the knee-to-leg contact that initiated the fateful discussion, culminating in Fallon’s proposition that left Higgins pleasantly stunned.

Since that fateful night at the concert, Higgins has become an indispensable part of The Tonight Show, providing countless laughs and backstage camaraderie that defines the show’s dynamic.

Notably, John Higgins, the son of Steve Higgins, has also made his mark on the entertainment scene as part of a comedy trio that gained fame with viral sketches online and eventually joined SNL, carrying on the family legacy in comedy.

The legacy of the Fallon-Higgins partnership is a testament to the power of unexpected friendships that blossom in the most unlikely of circumstances, shaping the landscape of late-night entertainment for years to come.

Rachel Adams

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