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Sydney Parks Closed Due to Asbestos Contamination



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A recent discovery of asbestos contamination in several Sydney parks has prompted the closure of specific areas for public safety. The City of Sydney took action after being notified by the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) about potential contaminated products supplied to park areas.

Testing was conducted at various parks including Victoria Park at Broadway, Belmore Park near Central Station, Harmony Park, Prince Alfred Park in Surry Hills, and Pope Paul VI Reserve in Glebe. Results revealed the presence of friable asbestos in the mulch at Harmony Park, while bonded asbestos was detected at Victoria Park and Belmore Park.

Following the findings, Harmony Park in Surry Hills will be temporarily closed off to the public as a precautionary measure. Signs will be displayed to indicate the closure and cleanup efforts will be initiated promptly.

The contaminated mulch, which was used in garden beds and under trees, is being addressed by the City of Sydney to ensure the safety of park visitors. Bonded asbestos, found at Victoria and Belmore parks, will also be cleaned up with designated areas fenced off for public safety.

Notably, Greenlife Resource Recovery Facility, a supplier linked to the contaminated mulch, has denied responsibility for the asbestos findings. The company emphasized that the mulch tested clear of asbestos at their facilities and asserted they have no control over the usage of their products once delivered to construction sites.

Asbestos contamination has been a concerning issue in Sydney, with recent discoveries at Campbelltown Hospital and Liverpool West Public School. This comes after earlier findings along the Sydney Metro corridor and at parks like Emu Plains and Rozelle Parklands, sparking a broader investigation by the EPA and the NSW government.

Rachel Adams

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