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New York City Prepares for Winter Storm as Schools Shift to Remote Learning



New York City Prepares For Winter Storm As Schools Shift To Remote Learning

New York City is gearing up for an impending winter storm as schools in the area make the shift to remote learning. Mayor Eric Adams, alongside key city officials like Commissioner Jessica Tisch of the Department of Sanitation, Commissioner Zach Iscol of the Emergency Management Department, and Schools Chancellor David Banks, announced the preparations for the anticipated snowfall.

The city, which has been relatively snow-free for a while, is now bracing for the impact of the incoming winter storm. The forecast predicts light rain transitioning to heavy snow, with expected accumulations ranging from five to eight inches, possibly more. Officials emphasized the importance of public safety and urged residents to stay off the roads if possible.

Commissioner Tisch highlighted the city’s extensive snow-fighting resources, including over 700 salt spreaders and 2,000 plows, all equipped with advanced GPS technology for efficient operations. The city’s “plowing equity” strategy ensures that every street is treated promptly during snow events.

Mayor Adams emphasized the significance of using technology for remote learning, citing the need to minimize academic disruptions, especially after Covid-19 learning losses. Chancellor Banks reassured parents of the school system’s preparedness for remote instruction, aiming to keep students engaged despite potential technical challenges.

As the city activates its winter weather emergency plan, officials urge New Yorkers to stay informed through services like NotifyNYC, emphasizing the need to monitor the evolving forecast for updates. In light of potential hazards like high winds and coastal flooding, the city is taking proactive measures to ensure public safety.

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