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Fox Sports: The Unconquerable Calamity of International Football Coverage



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The Fox Sports coverage of the UEFA European Championship and Copa América has been a rollercoaster of highs and lows, filled with a mix of peculiar moments and familiar faces. Jules Breach, Alexi Lalas, and the European panelists like Giorgio Chiellini and Peter Schmeichel have provided a blend of chirpy efficiency and genial contempt that is uniquely Fox.

However, despite moments of promise, Fox’s coverage often veers into absurdity. From Clint Dempsey‘s incoherent statements to Rob Stone‘s questionable comparisons, the network’s attempts at international football coverage sometimes miss the mark.

The central LA set, touted as the ‘Fox football palace,’ has struggled to capture the essence of the cross-continental action, with background visuals often mismatched with the events unfolding. The network’s handling of 78 matches in this summer’s tournaments has felt more like a slog than a celebration of football.

While there have been bright spots in Fox’s coverage, such as Jules Breach’s energetic hosting and Chiellini’s insightful commentary, there have also been missteps. From Lalas’ bombastic statements to Donovan’s monotone delivery, the coverage at times feels disjointed and out of touch.

Fox’s attempt at comparative analysis between the UEFA European Championship and Copa América has at times oversimplified the differences between the two tournaments, leaning into clichés rather than nuanced insights.

Despite efforts to bring color to the tournaments, segments such as Timbsy’s fan zone reports and Rinaldi’s poetic interludes have fallen flat. Pronunciation mishaps have further highlighted Fox’s struggles with foreign names, adding to the sense of disconnect in their coverage.

As the tournaments progress, familiar faces like Lalas and Donovan continue to headline Fox’s coverage, with Lalas commanding the desk with his trademark belligerence and Lalas offering insights in his characteristic deadpan style.

While Fox’s coverage of international football has had its share of missteps, it remains an integral part of the American soccer landscape, showcasing both the highs and lows of sports broadcasting in the country.

Rachel Adams

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