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North Bay Battalion Secure Dominant 9-0 Victory Over Kingston Frontenacs



North Bay Battalion Secure Dominant 9 0 Victory Over Kingston Frontenacs

The North Bay Battalion showcased a commanding performance as they clinched a remarkable 9-0 triumph against the Kingston Frontenacs in an intense matchup.

Hitting the ice with determination from the onset, head coach Ryan Oulahen commended the team’s relentless effort throughout the game, emphasizing their strong intent and focus.

One of the standout performers of the evening was Sandis Vilmanis, who delivered a stellar four-goal spectacle, while goaltender Michael McIvor demonstrated exceptional skill with a shutout backed by 22 saves.

Among the notable plays, Vilmanis capitalized on opportunities, displaying his scoring prowess by netting the first goal of the game after intercepting a pass from Quinton Burns.

As the game progressed, the Battalion’s offensive onslaught continued, with key contributions from players like Liam Arnsby, Anthony Romani, and Dalyn Wakely, who showcased their offensive prowess with well-executed goals.

The second period witnessed Vilmanis completing a hat trick with a sensational goal, further solidifying the Battalion’s dominance on the ice.

Despite a change in goaltending for the Frontenacs in the third period, with JJ Salajko stepping in for Mason Vaccari, the North Bay team remained relentless in their attack, adding to their goal tally with precision and skill.

With this victory, the North Bay Battalion continues to build momentum, with Vilmanis emerging as a key player since his arrival from the Sarnia Sting, elevating the team’s offensive capabilities.

Looking ahead, Coach Oulahen acknowledges the team’s progress but emphasizes the need for continued growth and focus as they prepare for future matchups.

Next up for the Battalion is a challenging faceoff against the Ottawa 67’s, promising an exciting showdown between the two competitive teams.

Rachel Adams

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