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SportyBet Kenya 2023: Go or No-Go?



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Although SportyBet is among the pioneer bookies across African countries, we can’t say that it’s getting old-fashioned and lagging behind the trends. Instead, it remains one of the top bookies in Kenya and continues to bring new incredible sports betting options, excellent live betting features, outstanding promotions, and rewards. However, to be sure that the bookie is still on the go, it’s crucial to learn its positives and weaknesses. Because, as always, the beginning of any betting journey is provided by an in-depth review of the essential parts of the bookmakers. Therefore, we’ll cover the major aspects of the SportyBet and answer the question if the bookie is worth your attention in 2023. 

Sports and Betting Markets

Today, we’ll talk about a bookie that caters to all players’ needs, offering numerous sports options, unusual events, and distinctive markets with various types of bets. SportyBet is at the forefront of technology in the betting world, providing you with the ultimate betting experience, including all major sports in globally recognized leagues. 

Available Sports 

If you’re the most significant sports enthusiast, you’ll find SportsBet interesting with the number of unique sports you can bet on. Football leagues include the Premier League, Championship League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Kenyan Premier League, and others. In addition to popular sports, there are eSports sections with dozens of cybersports disciplines and virtual sports, including eFootball, vFootball, eBasketball, and so on.

SportyBet Features

When you decide to become a member of SportyBet, you will be presented with several excellent features, such as live betting, virtual sports, jackpots, and bonuses. And all of this is available to you through the mobile application. Let’s discuss which features you should consider and what you can benefit from at SportyBet today.


    • Live betting. However, all modern betting sites offer special sections with live matches. The difference between live betting and pre-match betting is that you can bet on events that are happening live. In addition, live bets have different characteristics, including odds and betting markets. Therefore, the live option is for players who enjoy fast-paced betting and prefer to watch the live stream of the game. 
    • Virtuals. Sports betting has evolved to create many versions of your betting journey. One of them is playing virtuals with real sports leagues, real teams, and real players. However, the betting takes place on the virtual field and simulates real games. This means that all events are computerized and based on RNG but with world-renowned sports clubs. This is an excellent alternative to real betting, but the games happen faster. 
    • Mobile application. The sphere of mobile gaming has entered the betting industry, forcing the betting platform to develop proper mobile applications for iOS and Android devices. This makes the betting experience more convenient as you’re no longer tied to your desktop. Therefore, the SportyBet Kenya mobile application is available for punters, offering the same live betting, virtual betting, bonuses, and promotions as you can experience on the website.
    • Betting odds. SportyBet has an excellent sportsbook and games with great odds. Just open the sportsbook and compare the odds on the same events. These odds are very competitive with other bookmakers. As a result, you can make more profit in the long run.
  • Cashout. Another advantage of the SportyBet sportsbook is the cashout feature. Basically, you can request a cashout while the game is in progress. This option is perfect for players who expect to make a profit on their bets. For example, you can regain some of your stakes if the situation gets tricky. However, if luck is on your side, it’s possible to lock in your winnings and cash them out. The amount of money you will receive depends on the current odds when you decide to request a cashout. 

SportyBet Sportsbook 

When it comes to betting options, some betting sites are going over the limits, introducing large varieties of betting markets, types, concepts, and other peculiarities that make betting more engaging and profitable. Modern sites have markets that you will never find in old bookies. Luckily, SportyBet is considered top-notch, having options for the tastes of millions. 

Available Betting Options 

  • 1×2. The market is available on many sports and shows the three possible outcomes (home team win, away team win, and draw). You select 1, 2, or x to determine which outcome you think will win. More about the betting markets you can read here. 
  • Double Chance. Similar to 1×2, where you can pick two out of three outcomes. As the name suggests, it increases your chances up to 30% if one of the two outcomes you choose occurs. Beginners are recommended to choose the DC market. However, if you are looking for higher odds and larger payouts, DC is not for you. 
  • Totals. We’ve already talked about the outcome-based market, where your winnings depend on the outcome of the game. Totals are the third most popular market based on the game’s score. You have two variables, over/under, to determine the outcome. When you place the bet, you need to select the Over or Under markets with the set number. It usually looks like OV2.5, and if the game’s total score is 3 or higher, you win the bet. 
  • Accumulator bets. There are several types of bets. One is an accumulator bet consisting of two or more selections. Basically, you are increasing the number of selections in a bet. As a result, if one selection loses, you lose the entire bet. However, the risk is justified by the high payouts. There are also boost bonuses on accumulator bets. 
  • Single bets. If you’re just playing for fun and you want to get excited about the game, stick to single bets with only one event.

SportyBet Jackpot 

SportyBet is a globally recognized brand with millions of users. We should give credit to its bonus jackpot section that rewards players with substantial sums. The most recent jackpot exceeded 16,000,000 KES. How to enter the jackpot tournament: First, open the Jackpot section and analyze the current games. You will see about 12 games participating in the contest. Your task is to make 11 out of 12 correct predictions. The minimum stake for each selection is 50 KES. When all the matches are over, check the jackpot results until Saturday at 17:00 Kenyan time. 


After a quick analysis of the SportyBet bookmaker in 2023, the verdict is to go. Suppose you start your betting journey today. In that case, SportyBet is an excellent option, and that’s why the bookmaker is licensed by the local betting regulator, powered with virtuals, jackpots, thousands of monthly events, and tons of betting options to choose from. All in all, SportyBet has everything the modern punter is looking for. However, there is a lack of bonuses at the moment, so let’s wait for the new package of incentives. 


Rachel Adams

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