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BJP Faces Challenge in Milkipur By-Election After Faizabad Defeat



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Following the defeat in Faizabad, the upcoming by-election in Milkipur has become a matter of prestige for the BJP. The constituency holds significance for the party after the recent setback. On the other hand, the SP also faces psychological pressure as the seat belongs to them.

Several contenders from the BJP have emerged from the Milkipur assembly constituency. These candidates range from former MLAs to district panchayat members and village heads, with a significant presence from the Paswan community.

Political veteran Awadhesh Prasad, who has vacated the seat, is still a strong political figure in the region. His victory as an MP has triggered the by-election. The BJP seems keen on clinching this seat to compensate for recent losses.

Former MLA Gorakhnath, who is currently contesting, faced defeat against SP’s Awadhesh Prasad in the 2022 assembly elections. The party has yet to finalize its candidate for the by-election.

Other potential candidates for the ticket include ex-MLA Ramu Priyadarshi, Neeraj Kanaujiya, Kashiram Ravat – a prominent RSS member, Radheshyam Tyagi, Chandrabhanu Paswan, Laxmi Ravat, and Bablu Paswan. With several candidates from the Paswan community, selecting a suitable candidate might pose a challenge for the party. Given the diversity, a representative from another community might also be considered.

For now, the organization is deliberating on all names and assessing the chances of victory and defeat for the contenders. The by-election campaigns have already sparked a buzz in the region as parties gear up for a fierce political battle in Milkipur.

Rachel Adams

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