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Dolphins Star Tom Flegler’s Career in Jeopardy According to Bennett’s Shock Reveal



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The future of NRL enforcer Tom Flegler with the Dolphins is hanging in the balance as head coach Bennett drops a bombshell about the forward’s playing days.

Flegler, who made a high-profile move from the NRL to join the Dolphins on a lucrative contract, is now facing a career-threatening nerve injury sustained during a clash against the Wests Tigers.

Initially believed to be a short-term setback, the injury has now cast doubts over the 24-year-old’s return to the field, prompting Bennett to express grave concerns about Flegler’s future in the game.

In response to inquiries regarding Flegler’s ability to make a comeback, Bennett somberly remarked, “It could be; it’s pretty serious. We’re not optimistic about him suiting up this season, and next year is still uncertain.”

The delicate nature of nerve injuries has complicated Flegler’s prognosis, with medical experts struggling to predict a timeline for his recovery. Bennett disclosed that despite extensive treatment, the nerve in Flegler’s shoulder has yet to show signs of significant improvement.

Flegler’s resume boasts three appearances for the Queensland Maroons in the Origin series, but his fledgling stint at the Dolphins has hit a major roadblock, prompting concerns about the longevity of his career.

Recent reports from The Courier Mail suggest that Flegler has undergone specialized red-light therapy and nerve conduction tests in a bid to expedite his rehabilitation, but the results have been inconclusive so far.

Should Flegler’s nerve fail to recover naturally, he might be compelled to undergo nerve-transfer surgery as a final resort to salvage his playing prospects. The specter of premature retirement looms large, but the Dolphins management remains cautiously optimistic about his eventual return to the game.

Rachel Adams

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