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Former Pakistani Cricketer Danish Kaneria Compares Babar Azam and Virat Kohli Ahead of T20 World Cup Clash



Former Pakistani Cricketer Danish Kaneria Compares Babar Azam And Virat Kohli Ahead Of T20 World Cup Clash

Former Pakistani cricketer Danish Kaneria recently shared his insights on the contrasting performances of Babar Azam and Virat Kohli ahead of the much-awaited T20 World Cup clash between India and Pakistan. The comparison between these two cricketing stalwarts has sparked a heated debate among enthusiasts.

Kaneria, in his analysis, emphasized that Babar Azam falls short of Virat Kohli‘s stature in cricket, citing a specific incident where Azam’s inability to convert a strong start into a match-winning performance against USA hindered Pakistan‘s chances. The former cricketer criticized Pakistan’s over-reliance on their bowling unit, which contributed to their loss in the opening game.

The T20 World Cup commenced unexpectedly for Pakistan with a defeat to the USA in a close encounter that culminated in a super over. Factors like a lackluster team effort and a costly over delivered by experienced bowler Mohd Amir during the super over played a role in the outcome of the match.

Looking ahead to the marquee clash between India and Pakistan, Kaneria made a bold prediction of a dominant victory for the Indian team. He pointed out the flaw in Pakistan’s strategy, noting their tendency to put excessive faith in their bowling prowess rather than focusing on a balanced approach to the game.

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