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Once Human Introduces Innovative Gameplay Features but Faces Backlash Over Seasonal Wipe System



Once Human Introduces Innovative Gameplay Features But Faces Backlash Over Seasonal Wipe System

Once Human, the highly anticipated always-online multiplayer open-world survival crafting game, has been well-received for its innovative gameplay features which improve on existing genre concepts.

Players have lauded Once Human for its engaging combat mechanics, complex and gratifying building system, and unique world design which sets it apart from other games in the genre.

One notable aspect of Once Human is its server wipe system, which triggers a reset of progress every six weeks, introducing new challenges and dynamics to the game.

The seasonal wipes have sparked a divisive reaction within the gaming community, with some players appreciating the level playing field it offers, while others express disappointment over losing their hard-earned progress.

During the server crossover period, player characters retain certain skills and blueprints, but all other progress is reset, including bases, resources, and weapons.

Some players find the seasonal wipe system in Once Human reminiscent of other games like Rust, where periodic server wipes are used to refresh gameplay and prevent long-term dominance by certain players or groups.

Concerns have been raised over the impact of the seasonal wipes on player retention, with critics questioning the long-term sustainability of the game’s player base in light of this feature.

Rachel Adams

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