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Seattle Journalist Reflects on Goals and Growth in the New Year



Seattle Journalist Reflects On Goals And Growth In The New Year

Although endless possibilities exist to make the most of the 366 days in 2024, things feel different. This year feels like a continuation of last year, so I’m not working to reinvent myself. Instead, I’m keeping up the momentum I ended last year with.

I’ve seen inspiring articles on how January doesn’t give a rush but preparation. I think of my recent trips to the gym, where few people are trying to accomplish their new fitness goals. Everything instead is focused on consistency and shifting away from needing to have it all together and achieve everything at once.

This year, I’m on a new level of adulting. I survived the trial and error of 2023 and remain grateful for the health and prosperity I experienced. Although it might be a new year, my goals are the same. I will continue to focus on my financial, physical, spiritual, and professional growth. I’m committed to continually evolving, realizing that I have my whole life to figure things out and see the perfect story weaved together instead of being done in a year.

I do notice the challenge of seeing that there is resistance while maintaining habits and routines. Things have gotten easier over time, but there’s a lot of pushing through when I don’t desire to wake up at 6 a.m. to start my morning with prayer, go to the gym after a long work day, or edit social media content in my free time.

With the challenges, I am so excited for this new year of adulting. I’m developing a better sense of self – my frontal lobe forming is in full effect – I’m seeing new people brought into my life to form the community I have desperately longed for in this city. I’m practicing discernment and wisdom in every area of my life. I’m also in my hosting era and being intentional with creating a safe space.

Ultimately, the focus is to live a quiet and peaceful life, working with my hands, pursuing new experiences, maintaining systems, and continuing to figure things out. I’m excited for this new year and all I have to share in this column.

Sebastian Young is a Seattle-based journalist.

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