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Dakota Johnson Reveals Unusual Fan Letters and Strange Gifts



Dakota Johnson Reveals Unusual Fan Letters And Strange Gifts

Dakota Johnson, best known for her role in Fifty Shades of Grey, surprised fans with her recent revelation on The Graham Norton Show. While fellow actor Sterling K. Brown spoke about how fans often express their gratitude for his work, Johnson shared a different side of her fandom.

When Brown mentioned receiving letters that praised him for ‘changing their lives,’ Johnson jokingly responded, ‘That never happens to me. I just get letters from men in prison and very strange things in the post!’

This revelation comes after Johnson’s co-star from Fifty Shades of Grey, Jamie Dornan, previously shared his experience with unusual fan mail. Dornan had received letters claiming that he had fathered a child with Johnson. The actor admitted it was a bit freaky to read such messages.

During her appearance on the talk show, Johnson also discussed her upcoming role in the Marvel Universe as Madame Web. She described the character as new and the movie as a different and grounded version of a Marvel film, from an entirely female perspective.

Speaking about performing her own stunts, Johnson mentioned that she had taken a one-day stunt driving course and called it the most fun she had ever had. When asked if this meant more stunts in the future, Johnson coyly responded, ‘Maybe.’

Other guests on the show included Sterling K. Brown, who talked about the success and impact of his show This is Us. Brown expressed his gratitude for the fans who have shared how the show changed their lives and provided them with catharsis.

Colman Domingo also appeared on the show and discussed his portrayal of civil rights activist Bayard Rustin in the upcoming film Rustin. Domingo highlighted Rustin’s story and the importance of amplifying it, as the activist was openly gay and yet not well-known in the US.

Domhnall Gleeson discussed his new Channel 4 romantic drama series Alice & Jack and jokingly mentioned that fans often remember him for a comedy sketch involving a lemonade bottle. He expressed his pride in the series and his desire for recognition beyond that comedy sketch, perhaps citing his role in the critically acclaimed film The Revenant.

The Graham Norton Show, aired on BBC One, and this episode was broadcast on Friday, February 2nd. The diverse range of topics and guests provided an insightful and entertaining evening for viewers.

Rachel Adams

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