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Paramount+ Moves Production of Sylvester Stallone-led Mafia Drama ‘Tulsa King’ to Atlanta



Paramount+ Moves Production Of Sylvester Stallone Led Mafia Drama 'tulsa King' To Atlanta

Paramount+’s hit mafia drama ‘Tulsa King’, starring Sylvester Stallone, is relocating its production to Atlanta, Georgia. The highly anticipated second season of the series will begin filming at Eagle Rock Studios in Norcross, with an announced start date yet to be released.

‘Tulsa King’ follows the story of Dwight ‘The General’ Manfredi, portrayed by Sylvester Stallone, as he is released from prison and sent to Tulsa, Oklahoma, to establish a new crime organization. While the majority of the first season was shot in Oklahoma City, some scenes were also filmed in Tulsa.

The show, which premiered in November 2022, received rave reviews, with critics giving it a 79% positive rating and viewers showing a 91% approval rating. Paramount+ wasted no time in renewing the series for a second season.

Last spring, Rachel Cannon, founder of Oklahoma City’s [Oklahoma Film + Music Office], expressed excitement about hosting ‘Tulsa King’ for its first season and wished the production team all the best in their new location. Cannon emphasized the positive economic impact that filming had on Oklahoma and the growing presence of the film industry in the state.

Showrunner Terence Winter, known for his work on ‘The Sopranos’, acknowledged the challenges of filming in Oklahoma, specifically the extreme weather conditions. Winter reflected on the unexpected switch from freezing temperatures to scorching heat, noting the crew’s surprise and adaptation to the drastic change.

Sylvester Stallone, in a recently shared post on social media platform X, humorously commented on his experience in Oklahoma and the contrast in climate: “Being in Oklahoma has definitely prepared me for a lifetime in hell if I ever get sent there!”

Georgia, with its more temperate climate and established crew base, offers an ideal alternative to Oklahoma. Moreover, the state boasts generous tax credits for film and TV productions, along with its world-class airport facilities. However, the challenge lies in transforming the Georgia setting to resemble Oklahoma, a feat previously accomplished by HBO‘s ‘Watchmen’, which successfully depicted Tulsa while primarily filmed in Atlanta.

It was recently announced that Terence Winter has stepped down as the showrunner for ‘Tulsa King’, citing creative differences. The search for a new showrunner is currently underway, although no official announcement has been made.

Rodney Ho, a seasoned entertainment journalist at The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, covered the news of the production move and highlighted the significance of the Georgia film industry in his reporting. With over 20 years of experience, Ho’s coverage spans various entertainment beats and includes TV, radio, film, comedy, and live events.

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