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Donald Glover Reflects on Spider-Man Cameo and Potential Future in the Spider-Verse



Donald Glover Reflects On Spider Man Cameo And Potential Future In The Spider Verse

Actor Donald Glover, known for his roles in music, comedy, and film, recently discussed his involvement in the Spider-Man franchise and his potential future in the Spider-Verse.

Glover has a long history with Spider-Man, including a notable online campaign to audition for the role in Marc Webb‘s The Amazing Spider-Man. While he did not secure the role, he went on to voice Miles Morales’ uncle, Aaron Davis (a.k.a. Prowler), in the animated film Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse and its sequel Last year. Despite his connection to the Spider-Verse, Glover admitted that he is likely too old to play Spider-Man himself.

During a conversation with his Mr. & Mrs. Smith co-star, Maya Erskine, Glover entertained the idea that his cameo in Across the Spider-Verse might have been “Sony‘s way of apologizing for not casting [him] as Spider-Man.”

Glover chuckled and responded, “No! I don’t think they even thought about it. There’s definitely going to be like a Miles Morales live-action eventually, and I think they’re probably more concerned with me being Prowler in that or something like that. I’m too old to be Spider-Man now.”

Glover’s cameo in Across the Spider-Verse marked a full-circle moment for the actor. He previously voiced Miles Morales in the Ultimate Spider-Man animated series, and Miles’ co-creator, Brian Michael Bendis, has revealed that he drew inspiration from a scene in the TV show Community where Glover’s character wears Spider-Man pajamas.

While Glover awaits future opportunities in the Spider-Verse, he remains busy with his role in the Amazon Prime Video series Mr. & Mrs. Smith, alongside Maya Erskine. Additionally, Glover and his brother Stephen Glover are collaborating on a new project, building excitement amongst fans for their upcoming endeavors.

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