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NFL Designer Kristin Juszczyk Stuns in Custom Jacket for Super Bowl 2024



Nfl Designer Kristin Juszczyk Stuns In Custom Jacket For Super Bowl 2024

Kristin Juszczyk, the prominent designer in the NFL realm, captivated spectators at the 2024 Super Bowl in Allegiant Stadium with a unique and sentimental custom creation. Sporting a jacket meticulously crafted from her husband Kyle Juszczyk‘s jerseys throughout his football career, the showcase was a testament to her design prowess.

Embracing the essence of nostalgia, Kristin, renowned for her bespoke NFL attire, curated a masterpiece that wove together Kyle’s football journey — from his high school exploits at Cloverleaf High School to his collegiate tenure at Harvard University and his professional stints with the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers.

In an exclusive conversation with PEOPLE, Kristin, in collaboration with FedEx for the Super Bowl, expressed the sentimental significance of the jacket, harboring a narrative that resonates with fans.

Detailing her meticulous creative process, she narrated the deliberation and dedication that went into the creation, a project three years in the making, finally materializing at the grand stage of the Super Bowl.

Kristin’s impact transcended beyond personal attire, as she also devised Kyle’s Super Bowl ensemble. Dressed in a bomber jacket adorned with his teammates’ names, the design resonated with authenticity, culminating in the squad signing the garment as a gesture of camaraderie.

Having garnered recognition for her distinct designs, Kristin catapulted into the limelight after crafting personalized puffer jackets for notable figures like Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce, and Deebo Samuel, a testament to her creativity and acumen in the sports fashion domain.

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