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Paul Giamatti Shines in New Film ‘The Holdovers’



Paul Giamatti Shines In New Film 'the Holdovers'

Paul Giamatti, known for his portrayal of difficult characters, takes on another challenging role in the new film ‘The Holdovers.’

Hunham, Giamatti’s character in the movie, is a bitter teacher at a New England boarding school tasked with caring for students staying over the Christmas break. Alongside Giamatti, Da'Vine Joy Randolph stars as the school’s grieving cook, forming an unlikely bond through shared struggles.

Described as a ‘Scrooge-like Christmas story,’ ‘The Holdovers’ sees Giamatti’s character, Hunham, as a modern-day Scrooge in need of redemption. The film has garnered critical acclaim, earning Giamatti an Oscar nomination and Critics Choice and Golden Globe award recognition.

Reflecting on the role created specifically for him, Giamatti humorously ponders why he, a self-proclaimed fish-smelling actor, was chosen. Drawing from personal experiences attending a prep school in Connecticut, Giamatti finds familiarity in the setting and characters of ‘The Holdovers.’

Despite not causing trouble during his school days, Giamatti recalls cutting classes to indulge in solitary reading at the library, a trait he attributes to his bookish upbringing. Born to parents deeply entrenched in academia and education, Giamatti’s journey into acting was a gradual shift after college, propelled by a love for the craft.

From early roles in plays to breakthrough performances in major films like ‘Sideways‘ and ‘Saving Private Ryan,’ Giamatti’s career blossomed, leading to diverse characters that often veer towards the curmudgeonly. His podcast ‘Chinwag’ and interest in eccentric topics like UFOs and Big Foot further showcase his multifaceted personality.

Embracing his penchant for portraying complex individuals, Giamatti expresses a fondness for roles like Miles Raymond, a wine aficionado in ‘Sideways.’ Alongside acting, Giamatti savors playing the theremin and engaging with unconventional hobbies.

Transcending human roles, Giamatti recounts a memorable experience embodying an orangutan character, relishing the transformative nature of acting. With each role, Giamatti finds solace in the artistry of ‘hiding’ behind characters, connecting with others through the peculiarities of the craft.

Rachel Adams

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