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DraftKings Sportsbook Takes Wagers on 2024 Pro Bowl Games



Draftkings Sportsbook Takes Wagers On 2024 Pro Bowl Games

In a departure from its traditional conference vs. conference format, the 2024 Pro Bowl Games will feature a series of competitions between the AFC and NFC. The games will be spread out over two days, with the action starting on February 1 and continuing on February 4.

While the new format may have changed the on-field dynamics, it doesn’t mean there aren’t betting opportunities for fans. DraftKings Sportsbook has stepped in to offer wagering options on the 2024 Pro Bowl. However, not all states will have access to these bets. Currently, residents of West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Iowa, New York, Colorado, Tennessee, Arizona, Ohio, and Vermont cannot wager on the Pro Bowl. In other states, such as Connecticut, Illinois, Kansas, Maryland, New Hampshire, Virginia, Oregon, and Wyoming, Pro Bowl betting lines are available.

At DraftKings Sportsbook, you can bet on the outcome of several competitions that will take place during the Pro Bowl Games. These include the flag football event, gridiron gauntlet, move the chains, and precision passing. While more events may be added in the future, for now, these are the options for bettors.

The flag football event, which was divided into three separate games last year, will be a single game this year, divided into four quarters. Played on a 50-yard field with 1-yard endzones, teams can score six points per touchdown. After a touchdown, they will have the option to go for one additional point from the 5-yard line or two additional points from the 10-yard line.

The gridiron gauntlet is a fan-favorite competition that pits six players from each conference against each other in a thrilling full-field relay race. Players must overcome various obstacles, including breaking through walls and crawling under doors, before finishing with a sled push.

Move the chains focuses on offensive and defensive linemen. Each conference fields a team of five players who must work together to move 3,000 pounds of weight off a wall and then pull a 2,000-pound wall across a finish line.

Precision passing is a long-standing skill-based competition in the NFL. Three quarterbacks from each conference will have one minute to hit as many targets as possible. These targets will include both static ones and ones that move, some even suspended from drones.

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