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SABC Denies Suspension of Ukhozi FM Business Manager over Song of the Year Feature



Sabc Denies Suspension Of Ukhozi Fm Business Manager Over Song Of The Year Feature

The South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) has vehemently denied reports of the suspension of Sbongi Ngcobo, the business manager of Ukhozi FM, following allegations related to the station’s Song of the Year feature. The contentious annual feature has been the source of previous disputes, including a public feud between Ngcobo and former SABC sports commentator Owen Ndlovu.

Ndlovu had accused Ngcobo of stealing the Song of the Year concept from him and using it for financial gains. He took to social media and mainstream media to voice his grievances, resulting in a legal battle between the two parties. Ngcobo had filed charges against Ndlovu, accusing him of bullying and harassment through his social media posts.

In a recent twist, reports surfaced claiming that Ngcobo had been suspended by the station pending an investigation into Ndlovu’s claims. However, the SABC has firmly stated that these reports are false and that Ngcobo is not under investigation or suspension. The public broadcaster has condemned the dissemination of unsubstantiated information and has urged responsible reporting of facts.

The SABC also commended Ngcobo for her achievements, specifically highlighting Ukhozi FM’s recent win at the 2023 Radio Awards, where the station was crowned PBS Radio Station of the Year.

Ndlovu, who remains unsatisfied, has vowed to pursue his case against Ukhozi FM and the SABC regarding the Song of the Year concept. The legal battle between Ngcobo and Ndlovu is scheduled to continue in court on 20 February.

The SABC’s denial of Ngcobo’s suspension and investigation puts an end to the circulating rumors, highlighting the need for responsible and accurate information dissemination in the media.

Rachel Adams

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