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Sooper Books Founders Make Dragons’ Den History with Groundbreaking Deal



Sooper Books Founders Make Dragons' Den History With Groundbreaking Deal

Entrepreneurs Simon Hood and Charlene Mitchell-Hood, founders of Sooper Books, recently made headlines on the popular TV show Dragons' Den with their innovative children’s book streaming service. Their concept aims to revolutionize literacy both in the UK and US by offering engaging stories for kids and convenience for parents.

Originally inspired by their daughter Goldie, the Stratford-upon-Avon-based couple began creating short digital and audible stories. Their tales include whimsical characters like wibbly-wobbly aliens and a flying sheepdog.

Having occupied office space at Venture House since April 2022, Sooper Books has grown alongside the other small businesses in the area. Venture House, located on the Avenue Farm Industrial Estate in Stratford-upon-Avon, fosters a community hub atmosphere.

Despite the risks, on a whim, Simon and Charlene made a bold decision to ask for a minimal investment of £1 each from the Dragons. This unprecedented move was met with surprise and intrigue as all five dragons – Peter Jones, Touker Suleyman, Deborah Meaden, Steven Bartlett, and Sara Davies – accepted the deal.

Following their appearance on Dragons’ Den, Sooper Books experienced a surge in popularity. The couple’s unique pitch and groundbreaking deal resonated with viewers, leading to a significant increase in website traffic and investor interest.

Even after securing all five Dragons, Simon and Charlene are focused on the future. With new investors on board and a higher valuation for their business, Sooper Books is poised for further growth and innovation.

Rachel Adams

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