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Badminton Star Chirag Shetty Criticizes Maharashtra Government for Unequal Treatment of Athletes



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World No. 3 in doubles badminton, Chirag Shetty, has raised concerns regarding the Maharashtra government’s preferential treatment towards athletes following the felicitation of cricketers while failing to acknowledge his achievements. The 26-year-old outlined that he was part of the Thomas Cup-winning Indian team in 2022 but was not honored like the Maharashtra cricketers who were recently rewarded.

Emphasizing his disappointment, Chirag pointed out that during the celebration of the T20 World Cup victory, where Rohit Sharma and others were lauded, his efforts alongside his badminton peers went unnoticed. The shuttler stressed the significance of the Thomas Cup victory, equating it to a World Cup title, and expressed his frustration over the disparity in recognition.

The Maharashtra government, under Chief Minister Eknath Shinde, recognized the T20 World Cup-winning cricketers with lavish ceremonies and substantial prize money. However, Chirag Shetty remains discontented with the lack of acknowledgment for his achievements, despite being a key player in a major badminton triumph for India.

Comparing the treatment received by cricketers to the neglect faced by athletes from other sports, Chirag highlighted the need for equal representation and appreciation. While he harbors no ill feelings towards the cricketing community, he believes that the efforts and successes in sports beyond cricket should be duly respected.

Following the celebrations and rewards bestowed upon the T20 World Cup-winning Indian cricket team, Chirag Shetty’s concerns shed light on the disparities in recognition and support for athletes across different sporting disciplines. The badminton star’s critique of the Maharashtra government’s favoritism towards cricket resonates with a broader discourse on equal opportunities and fair treatment for athletes in India.

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