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Cult Classic Aussie Show Deadloch Sparks Hope for Season Two



Cult Classic Aussie Show Deadloch Sparks Hope For Season Two

Aussie black comedy Deadloch captivated audiences in 2023, emerging as a standout television show in a year marked by industry strikes internationally. The feminist noir, crafted by the talented duo Kate McCartney and Kate McLennan, swiftly gained a dedicated fanbase both in Australia and beyond, with its charming depiction of a quirky Tasmanian town and its memorable characters including resident cannibal seal.

The show’s immense success led to its cult classic status, leaving viewers eagerly awaiting news of a potential second season. While official confirmation is still pending, the Season One cliffhanger hinted at an exciting new storyline that fans are hopeful to see unfold.

Drawing inspiration from Season One’s conclusion, writer Kate McLennan hinted at a northern journey for the show’s characters in possible future episodes. Reflecting on the show’s accomplishments, Kate McCartney expressed gratitude for the positive reception of Season One, particularly as the cast gathered at the 2024 AACTA Awards where the series received multiple nominations.

In Season One of Deadloch, Kate Box and Madeline Same shone as Dulcie and Eddie, the dynamic duo investigating a spree of murders in the town. Originally considering casting themselves in the roles, Kate McLennan revealed that the characters required skilled actors, leading to the superb casting of Kate Box and Madeline Same who brought depth and hilarity to their performances.

Alongside the lead pair, Season One featured a talented ensemble of Australian actors including Nina Oyama, Alicia Gardiner, Pamela Rabe, Katie Robertson, Kartanya Maynard, Mia Morrissey, Tom Ballard, and Susie Youssef. Each member of the cast contributed to the show’s unique charm and the successful portrayal of the quirky town of Deadloch.

For viewers eager to dive into the world of Deadloch, Season One is currently available for streaming on Prime Video with a 30-day free trial. As anticipation builds for a potential Season Two, fans of the show continue to celebrate its distinctive blend of comedy, mystery, and heart, eagerly awaiting the next chapter in the quirky journey of the residents of Deadloch.

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