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Jelly Roll Unveils New Song ‘Burning’ on Late-Night Show with Spectacular Fire-Filled Performance



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Renowned musician Jelly Roll made a stunning appearance on a late-night show, debuting his latest track, ‘Burning‘, with a high-energy performance alongside his band and backup singers. The outdoor stage was lit up figuratively and literally as Jelly Roll delivered a fiery rendition of the unreleased song.

Guest host Short introduced Jelly Roll, setting the stage for an electrifying moment on the show. The musician’s energetic performance of ‘Burning’ left the audience captivated and eager for more of Jelly Roll’s distinctive sound.

In a candid conversation with Short, Jelly Roll opened up about his creative process, including writing songs during his time in prison. The musician also hinted at his upcoming album, teasing that it would be released this fall and emphasizing that his music is perfectly suited for the autumn season.

Exciting news followed as Jelly Roll announced the addition of 16 new dates to his upcoming tour. He shared plans to include Canada in the tour, marking a significant milestone for the artist who has faced challenges traveling internationally due to his criminal record.

Reflecting on his journey, Jelly Roll humorously mentioned the process of convincing other countries to allow him entry, highlighting his perseverance in the face of adversity. The musician also engaged in some light-hearted banter, quizzing Short about Canadian culture and cuisine.

Recently, Jelly Roll released ‘I Am Not Okay’, his first solo single since the success of his previous hits. The track, which premiered at a major awards show, offers a glimpse into the artist’s evolving style and sets the stage for his highly anticipated album.

As Jelly Roll gears up for his tour starting in Salt Lake City, fans can expect an electrifying live experience filled with his signature blend of music. The artist’s recent festival appearances and collaborations with other musicians have only added to the excitement surrounding his upcoming performances.

With a dynamic stage presence and a catalogue of hits under his belt, Jelly Roll continues to solidify his status as a powerhouse in the music industry. Fans can look forward to more surprises and memorable moments as the artist embarks on his latest musical journey.

Rachel Adams

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