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Kyrgios and Castle Put Aside Differences to Team Up at Wimbledon



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Despite their rocky history, Australian tennis star Nick Kyrgios and BBC commentator Andrew Castle have set aside their differences to collaborate at this year’s Wimbledon tournament.

The 29-year-old Kyrgios, known for his controversial antics on and off the court, has previously clashed with the 60-year-old Castle, calling him a ‘clown’ and criticizing his commentary during matches.

One of the notable incidents between the two occurred at the 2022 Wimbledon final, where Kyrgios, on the receiving end of Castle’s commentary, had a heated exchange with a female spectator and later vented his frustrations with expletives that were picked up by microphones courtside.

Despite their past clashes, Kyrgios and Castle found themselves in the commentary booth together at this year’s Wimbledon, with Castle making reference to the previous incident with the female spectator during a match between Jack Draper and Cameron Norrie, putting Kyrgios in an awkward position.

Following Castle’s remarks, the Polish lawyer Ania Palus, who was the subject of the incident involving Kyrgios and the female spectator, expressed her disapproval, leading to Kyrgios apologizing and pledging a donation to the Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity at Palus’s request.

The banter between Kyrgios and Castle continued during their commentary, with Castle teasing Kyrgios about the past incidents, prompting Kyrgios to playfully avoid the topic and acknowledge his efforts to ‘find balance’ in his behavior.

Castle, a former British No. 1 tennis player, has been part of the Wimbledon broadcast for two decades, while Kyrgios, known for his powerful serves, is working towards a comeback after being sidelined by injury for the past year.

Rachel Adams

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