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Netflix Announces New Action Film ‘Lift’ starring Kevin Hart



Netflix Announces New Action Film 'lift' Starring Kevin Hart

Netflix is set to release a new action film titled ‘Lift‘ starring comedic actor Kevin Hart. Directed by F. Gary Gray, the movie features a star-studded cast including Gugu Mbatha-Raw as agent Abby Gladwell. This film marks a departure from Hart’s usual funny roles, as he takes on the suave and stylish character of Cyrus Whitaker.

Hart, following in the footsteps of his former co-star Dwayne Johnson, ventures into the action hero genre with ‘Lift.’ The storyline revolves around Cyrus organizing a high-stakes heist, with the goal of stealing $500 million worth of gold bars from a commercial airliner en route from London to Zurich.

The movie showcases iconic European locations such as Venice, where Cyrus and his crew attempt to pull off an art robbery that leads to a thrilling speedboat chase through the city’s picturesque canals. However, when the heist goes awry, Cyrus finds himself in trouble with Abby, who is an Interpol agent seeking his arrest.

Things take an unexpected turn when Dennis Huxley, played by Sam Worthington, offers Cyrus a chance to avoid prison by undertaking a risky mission for the supposed good guys. The task? Stealing the massive quantity of gold mid-flight. From there, the movie delves into the intricacies of the plan and the challenges faced by the skilled crew, including the master of disguise Denton (Vincent D’Onofrio), getaway driver Camila (Úrsula Corberó), and comic-relief safecracker Magnus (Billy Magnussen).

With Gray’s directorial prowess, audiences might have expected an adrenaline-fueled ride filled with thrilling action scenes. However, ‘Lift’ falls short in delivering the expected excitement. Poorly shot and edited fight scenes on the plane dampen the overall impact of the film, leaving viewers less than impressed.

Despite the high-profile cast and the potential for a unique heist story, the script by Daniel Kunka fails to bring any surprises to the table. The plot follows familiar tropes, such as the gold belonging to a terror group led by the lackluster villain Lars Jorgensen, played by Jean Reno.

‘Lift’ is now streaming on Netflix, giving audiences a chance to decide for themselves whether this action-packed adventure lives up to its star-studded hype.

Rachel Adams

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