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AJ Odudu Accused of Breaching BBC Advertising Guidelines on Michael McIntyre’s Big Show



Aj Odudu Accused Of Breaching Bbc Advertising Guidelines On Michael Mcintyre's Big Show

Popular TV host AJ Odudu found herself at the center of controversy on the recent episode of Michael McIntyre‘s Big Show on the BBC. The former Big Brother presenter faced accusations from viewers, who alleged that she may have breached the BBC’s advertising guidelines during her appearance on the show.

AJ, known for her role on the ITV2 revival of X alongside Will Best, joined Michael McIntyre for a segment of ‘Send To All’ where McIntyre sends a humorous text to all the contacts on the guest’s phone. During the show, the conversation veered towards the make of AJ’s phone, a Google Pixel, prompting questions from McIntyre about her choice of device.

Viewers took notice of the exchange and raised concerns that AJ’s mention of the Google Pixel could be seen as a form of subliminal advertising. This caused a stir on platforms like X and Twitter, with some viewers urging the BBC to investigate the potential conflict of interest.

According to advertising regulations, all commercial content must be clearly differentiated from editorial content on the BBC. AJ Odudu’s affiliation with Google Pixel, which began in October 2022, drew further scrutiny as she discussed her preference for the phone’s sturdiness over iPhones on the show.

Comments on X highlighted the audience’s skepticism, with many pointing out the perceived connection between AJ’s promotional activities for Google Pixel and her on-air discussion about smartphone preferences. Some viewers expressed disbelief at AJ’s anecdotes, questioning the credibility of her phone-smashing experiences given her brand endorsement deal.

As the debate unfolded online, viewers shared varying opinions on the incident, with some criticizing the potential breach of advertising guidelines and others defending AJ’s appearance on the entertainment show. The interaction between AJ and Michael McIntyre sparked a mix of reactions, showcasing the divided sentiments among the audience.

While AJ Odudu’s stint on Michael McIntyre’s Big Show entertained many viewers, the controversy surrounding her phone choice on the show has sparked a broader conversation about advertising practices in the realm of entertainment television. The incident serves as a reminder of the importance of transparent advertising disclosures in accordance with regulatory standards.

Rachel Adams

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