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Top 7 Best Movies About Forex Trading!



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Recently, films about trading are rapidly gaining popularity. More and more people who are far from financial markets and macroeconomic data are interested in them. This type of earnings attracts specialists from various industries, including world classics of cinema on trading stock.

The world-famous directors created their films inspired by the lives of successful stock market players. They took market trading as a basis, and added interesting plot twists and non-standard details of professional trading activities.

Forex broker Exness has compiled a selection of the ten best films about trading. Looking through these works of cinematic art, you will understand how professional traders work, and what are the advantages and disadvantages of this profession.

The directors skillfully revealed the main features of stock market speculation, made them empathize with the main characters, and support their desire for success. These films encourage you to take a closer look at the global market and perhaps even discover a new way to earn money.


“Wall Street” — One of the First Films About the Stock Market!


The film was released in 1987, but the cult film does not lose its relevance to this day. It completely immerses the viewer in the atmosphere of the stock market, typical of the 20th century.

Director Oliver Stone has created a film that is considered the best in its genre and truly deserves respect.

Every Wall Street actor is a colorful personality with a compelling story. Many viewers sunk into the soul of the antagonist of the film — Gordon Gekko, played by talented actor Michael Douglas.

It is he who has a key influence on the main character, bribing him with multimillion-dollar earnings and the possibility of rapid professional growth. The film explores the theme of human greed in the foolish pursuit of financial well-being.

“Rogue Trader” — A Crime Drama About Investors and the Stock Exchange


The film is based on the memoirs of Nick Leeson and directed by the talented James Dearden.

In the center of events is the brilliant actor Ewan McGregor, behind whom there are several diverse images presented to film lovers. The actor relies on serious films, and Rogue Trader was no exception. The film tells about a hardworking man who has earned the respect of the management of a large bank.

The first successes on the world stock exchange blind the hero, he makes several irreparable mistakes, endangering his professional career and life. Tension builds, and a desperate merchant decides on a multi-level scam.

Wanting to return the lost money, he delves into the darkest corners of the financial market. A man gets at his disposal a simple and effective way of earning money, which draws him into a web of lies.

“There Will Be Blood” — The Ins and Outs of the US Commodity Business


Directed and written by Paul Thomas Anderson. This is tough and at the same time truthful drama that reveals the essence of the oil companies in the 1920s, analysts at Exness say.

The oil tycoon Plainview makes money from the poor, appropriating most of the proceeds of the commodity enterprise.

A soulless and ambitious entrepreneur achieves his goals by any means. He does not hesitate to manipulate, connecting a little boy to the case. The film immerses the viewer into the atmosphere of the raw material market, where the most cunning and smart earn money. After watching There Will Be Blood one can think for a long time about the justice of this world, and the cruelty of big business in America.

“The Pit” — A Documentary About the Markets


The creators of the film about trading offer a complete immersion in the world of stock trading.

The viewer can get in touch with the atmosphere of real market trading. He falls into a real stock exchange pit, where multi-million dollar transactions are concluded.

The main actors are experienced traders who have long completed their professional activities. They give a detailed interview and talk about the beginning of a career and growth factors.

While watching the film, the layman gets acquainted with the main aspects of trading and considers the positive and negative aspects of this profession. You can understand why trading is good, and whether it is worth starting your own development in this area.

Fantastic Movie about Trading “Heart of Darkness”


The main character is Eddie, who has recently completed his latest book and must now move on to his next work.

The man is trying to immerse himself in the creative process but has no idea what to write to him about. Being in complete despair, the hero meets an old acquaintance who offers to try out an innovative drug.

With the help of the chemical, Eddie gains super-powerful intelligence, allowing him to complete the book.

Tablets help to regularly earn money at auction, but sooner or later the hour of reckoning comes. Films about traders carry important thoughts that are relevant for every person.


2013 Motion Picture “The Banker: Master of the Universe”


The events of the film develop around the personality of a major banker Rainer Voss. He was a dollar millionaire and was part of the global elite of investors.

The stock trader has left this dangerous game, and now he can tell in detail about the ins and outs of the financial markets. The man has valuable experience that will be useful for both novice traders and ordinary film viewers.

While watching this film, a person learns how a successful banker, along with other “masters of the universe”, led entire countries. He changed the economic state of states, controlling the fate of Italians, Greeks and other members of the Eurozone.

The viewer becomes clear about the causes of global crises, multimillion-dollar losses and broken human destinies. Understanding how the global financial system works and who manages it, you can protect your own capital from major losses.


“The Wolf of Wall Street” — A Biographical Drama About a Brilliant Financier


The movie tells about the 1980s of the last century. Jordan Belfort — an expert on financial markets — unexpectedly gets success on the world stock exchange.

He becomes the head of a large brokerage company, opening up wide opportunities. The financier takes an active part in fraud, hiding them from the guardians of the law. Sooner or later, his deception is revealed, and the life of the protagonist changes in the most dramatic way.

The main role in the film The Wolf of Wall Street went to Leonardo DiCaprio. Like many films about Forex, it was awarded the Oscar and Golden Globe nominations. The film is often discussed by experts, and it is recommended for viewing by anyone interested in the topic of financial markets.

The viewer will watch the ups and downs of a successful stock player, his bitter mistakes, and his attempts to correct the situation.


Summing Up

Each of these pictures carries a certain thought that changes the life of a novice trader and an ordinary person. Some films are entertaining in nature, but the vast majority of films have a deep meaning. The directors reveal the whole essence of market trading, allow you to immerse yourself in the world of traders, brokers and shareholders. We are confident that you will be able to discover completely new facts that will turn your understanding of exchange processes upside down.

Rachel Adams

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