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Antonio Daniels Can’t Handle Player’s Name in Raptors Game



Antonio Daniels Can't Handle Player's Name In Raptors Game

New Orleans Pelicans analyst Antonio Daniels found himself unable to handle the name of Toronto Raptors player Gradey Dick during their game on Monday night. Despite the Raptors suffering a blowout loss, Dick performed exceptionally well, scoring a career-high 22 points. This led to his name being frequently mentioned during the broadcast, much to Daniels’ amusement.

During the game, play-by-play voice Joel Meyers referred to Dick by his last name, just like any other player. However, Daniels couldn’t resist chuckling every time Meyers uttered the word ‘Dick.’ Jokingly, Daniels suggested they should call him ‘Gradey’ for the rest of the game. Meyers continued using Dick’s last name, while Daniels opted to refer to him as ‘Richard‘ instead.

Daniels’ amusement stemmed from the fact that ‘Dick’ is a slang term for a certain part of the male anatomy. While Meyers and Daniels maintained their professionalism, it was clear that Daniels struggled with someone having the surname ‘Dick.’ The situation might become even more interesting if Dick were to be traded to the Pelicans, as Daniels might have a harder time containing his laughter.

Although it might be tempting for announcers to make jokes or puns involving Dick’s name, Daniels’ reaction simply stemmed from the unexpected humor in someone having such a name. With the potential for numerous no-context one-liners, the jokes practically write themselves. However, Daniels wasn’t giggling at the jokes, but rather at the name itself.

Overall, this was just one instance of a commentator struggling to cope with a player’s name. It serves as a reminder of the challenges faced by broadcasters when sharing unique and potentially hilarious surnames with viewers.

Rachel Adams

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