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Boy George Admits to Stalking Idol David Bowie



Boy George Admits To Stalking Idol David Bowie

Boy George, the renowned singer and songwriter, made a surprising confession during his recent appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. The 62-year-old artist, who was there to promote his role in the Broadway musical Moulin Rouge, openly admitted to stalking his late idol, David Bowie.

The interview began with a question from Jimmy Fallon about Boy George’s association with Bowie. Boy George reminisced about a time when he was 19 and had the opportunity to meet Bowie at a nightclub, although he didn’t make the cut that night. But fate had other plans, as Boy George ran into Bowie the next evening at a different club. Bowie mistook Boy George for his friend Klaus Nomi, an artist from the underground scene in 1970s East Village, which initially left the young Boy George furious. However, upon realizing the honor, Boy George was overwhelmed. From then on, his fascination with Bowie grew, and even in his early years, he used to sit outside Bowie’s residence, hoping to catch a glimpse of his idol.

Being freshly famous at one point, Boy George found himself in the same first-class lounge as Bowie in Australia. Unsure about approaching someone he had idolized for years, Boy George pondered the appropriate level of conversation. He amusingly disclosed to Fallon that he used to sit outside Bowie’s house when he was just ten years old. Although Boy George never saw Bowie during those stakeouts, he shared a humorous incident when Bowie’s then-wife, Angie Bowie, unexpectedly opened a window and told the admirers to ‘f-off.’

During the interview, Boy George also shed light on his collaboration with Ariana Grande on the song ‘Electric Energy,’ featured on the soundtrack of the new film Argylle. The intriguing part was that Boy George and Ariana Grande didn’t meet in person until just thirty minutes before their virtual performance. The song came about when Boy George received a random call in New York, requesting his presence at a studio to record. Following his return from London, Boy George conjured up a unique composition that resonated with the ’80s era.

Recalling his Grammy win in 1984 as part of Culture Club for Best New Artist, Boy George revealed that his acceptance speech caused quite a stir. While other recipients thanked their managers and those who helped them earn money, Boy George decided to be a rebel. He expressed gratitude to America for recognizing a good drag queen when they saw one. This audacious statement triggered a significant kerfuffle at the time.

Amidst all the excitement, Boy George expressed his enthusiasm for being involved in the Moulin Rouge musical and shared that he would be performing in 100 shows. He expressed more excitement than nervousness about going on stage, reaffirming his undying passion for entertaining audiences.

Rachel Adams

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