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British Grand Prix to Face Rain and Drama on Sunday



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The British Grand Prix is set to take place on Sunday in Northamptonshire amid predictions of rain, adding an extra layer of drama to the raceday. Following heavy downpours on Friday and Saturday in the region, the Met Office forecasts an 80% chance of rain around 11am on Sunday, with a potential thunderstorm expected at 1pm.

By the time the race kicks off at 3pm, the rain is projected to stop, but the grid build-up might be wet. Further, there’s a 50% chance of rain at 5pm, indicating that racing could still be ongoing at that time. George Russell leads the pack ahead of his Mercedes teammate Lewis Hamilton, with British driver Lando Norris securing the third spot.

In a wet race scenario, chaos in the pit-lane is likely. While dry (slick) tires are the fastest option, track conditions play a crucial role in tire selection. Standing water would necessitate the use of intermediate tires throughout the race. If the rain persists heavily, extreme wet tires might also come into play just to keep the cars on track, potentially leading to a red-flag situation.

The Met Office attributes the changeable weather to a strong jet stream in the Atlantic, resulting in varying conditions across the UK this week. While temperatures are expected to be around or slightly below average, sunny spells could provide a warmer feel, particularly in the southern regions.

Notable drivers like Hamilton and Max Verstappen, who starts fourth, are known for their prowess in wet conditions, with Fernando Alonso also showcasing expertise in such situations. Hamilton famously clinched his maiden British Grand Prix win in wet conditions back in 2008, labeling it as his favorite victory during a recent interview. However, the Mercedes driver has not secured a win since December 2021.

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