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Country Music Star Jelly Speaks Out Against Fentanyl Epidemic and Expresses Concern for His Children



Country Music Star Jelly Speaks Out Against Fentanyl Epidemic And Expresses Concern For His Children

Country music star Jelly has been using his platform to raise awareness about the deadly fentanyl epidemic that is plaguing the United States. With his heartfelt plea to lawmakers to take action, Jelly is not only concerned about the impact of fentanyl on the country, but also about the safety of his own children.

As a father of two, Jelly, whose real name is Jason Bradley DeFord, acknowledges the severity of the issue and the potential danger it poses to his kids. In a recent interview with PEOPLE, the Grammy-nominated performer expressed his concerns about the prevalence of fentanyl, stating, ‘We’ve never seen something that is so deadly in such small amounts that’s being mixed in so many different things.’

Unlike his own upbringing, where his mother advised him to ‘try everything once’ but to be safe, Jelly is determined to ensure his children never experiment with drugs. He emphasized the fact that it is not safe for any child to engage in such activities.

The fentanyl epidemic has reached alarming levels, with close to 200 deaths per day in the United States. Jelly is deeply troubled by these statistics and fears for the safety of his daughter, son, and the next generation. Speaking out about the issue and initiating conversations is Jelly’s way of taking the first step towards finding a solution.

Jelly believes that openly discussing the fentanyl crisis is essential for healing and addressing the problems that America faces. He stated, ‘A lot of problems we have in America is that we just don’t openly talk about the s— that’s really happening the way we should. It’s kind of like once you break the ice and put them on the table, then can’t ignore it much longer after that.’

Since his impassioned speech before the Senate Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee in January, Jelly has received an overwhelming and positive response from fans and fellow musicians. They have shared their own stories and expressed gratitude for his advocacy.

Jelly has overcome personal challenges, including substance abuse, to become a role model and a family man. Alongside his wife, Bailee Ann, he is raising their two children, Bailee Ann and Noah.

If you or someone you know is struggling with substance abuse, please contact the SAMHSA helpline at 1-800-662-HELP.

Rachel Adams

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