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Deadly Hooch Tragedy Grips Kallakurichi, Death Toll Rises to 57



Deadly Hooch Tragedy Grips Kallakurichi, Death Toll Rises To 57

The Kallakurichi district in Tamil Nadu is under the shadow of a grave hooch tragedy that has claimed the lives of 57 individuals, with the death toll continuing to rise. The incident, which transpired in Coimbatore, has left a total of 156 individuals hospitalized across various government medical facilities.

Among the key medical facilities treating the victims, the Government Kallakurichi Medical College and Hospital has seen 110 admissions, while Puducherry, Salem, and Villupuram facilities are also tending to the affected with 12, 20, and 4 admissions respectively.

Tragic figures show that 32 fatalities occurred at the Government Kallakurichi Medical College and Hospital, with another 18 at the Government Mohan Kumaramangalam Medical College and Hospital in Salem. The Government Villupuram Medical College and Hospital recorded four deaths, while three were reported at the Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and Research in Puducherry.

The Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, acknowledging the sorrowful event, assured to cover educational expenses and hostel fees for children orphaned by the Kallakurichi hooch tragedy. Monthly assistance of ₹5000 up to age 18 for children who lost both parents and an immediate ₹5 lakh fixed deposit for double orphans was also pledged.

On a separate front, the CB-CID of the Tamil Nadu police launched an inquiry under SP Shantharam. Noteworthy arrests were made in connection to the tragedy, and bodies of individuals interred without postmortem were later exhumed for investigation purposes.

Rachel Adams

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