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Diverse Group Recognized in King’s Birthday Honours List 2024



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A diverse group of individuals has been acknowledged for their remarkable contributions in the King’s Birthday Honours List 2024, encompassing a wide array of fields and backgrounds. Among the notable recipients are three-time AFL premiership player Bachar Houli, former state premiers Mark McGowan and Dan Andrews, and Powderfinger bassist John Collins, as announced by Governor-General David Hurley.

The unveiling of the honours list, which includes 737 honorees, celebrates the dedication and impact of individuals across various sectors, from scientists, educators, and health professionals to community leaders, artists, and business luminaries.

Notable figures recognised in the list encompass a spectrum of services, from public health to the arts, with former premiers McGowan and Andrews being named Companions of the Order of Australia in acknowledgment of their service during the COVID-19 pandemic. Incoming Governor-General Sam Mostyn is also slated to receive the same distinction for her extensive contributions to social justice, gender equity, sport, culture, and business.

Individuals like Glenn McGrath, a former international cricketer and founder of a breast cancer foundation named after his late wife Jane, are applauded for their efforts in raising awareness and funds for critical causes. The 2024 list also champions figures like Brianna Casey, who has been pivotal in addressing food insecurity through her work with Foodbank, and Hamish Blake, a prominent radio and television presenter recognised for his contributions to the arts and community.

The honours list showcases the diversity of recipients, with contributions ranging from community programs to advocacy for marginalized groups. It also pays tribute to cultural leaders like Concetta Perna and Anita Anderson, representing the National Italian-Australian Women’s Association and the Latvian Federation of Australia and New Zealand respectively.

Further recognition is extended to musicians, artists, and advocates, such as John Collins of Powderfinger, Dr Bronwyn Bancroft, an Indigenous artist and author, and Dr Arnold Gillespie, a champion of voluntary assisted dying legislation. Betty Taylor’s advocacy against domestic violence and Professor Kathleen Clapham’s groundbreaking healthcare research also feature prominently in the distinguished honours list.

Government House ceremonies will provide the platform for award recipients to be formally conferred and celebrated for their outstanding contributions. The King’s Birthday Honours List 2024 not only recognises individual excellence but underscores the importance of diverse service and impact within Australian society, showcasing the breadth of talent and dedication across the nation.

SBS News continues to highlight the stories and accomplishments of honourees, bringing recognition to their remarkable journeys and significant contributions.

Rachel Adams

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