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Elon Musk and Don Lemon Interview Fallout: Musk Reveals Ketamine Use and Cancels Show Partnership



Elon Musk, the prominent entrepreneur behind companies like Tesla and SpaceX, recently sat down for an hour-long interview with Don Lemon, the former CNN journalist. This interview marked the premiere episode of a new show titled ‘The Don Lemon Show,’ set to air on X.

During the interview, Don Lemon raised questions about Musk’s previous controversial actions, including the moment when Musk was seen taking a puff of weed on ‘The Joe Rogan Experience.’ Lemon also probed Musk about his personal ketamine prescription, delving into the tech mogul’s mental health practices.

Musk shared insights into his ketamine use, indicating that he turns to the substance to manage negative states of mind, particularly when facing unexplained bouts of depression. He made a recommendation for those battling similar issues to consult their doctors about ketamine as an alternative to SSRIs.

Refuting claims of ketamine abuse, Musk clarified that he only uses a small amount of the substance occasionally. The conversation took a more heated turn when Lemon inquired about advertisers pulling out of the X platform due to concerns over unmoderated hate speech.

Musk defended his stance, emphasizing X’s commitment to free speech and the choice not to censor content to appease advertisers. The disagreement escalated as Lemon pressed Musk on the repercussions of losing advertisers, to which Musk brazenly replied that the responsibility ultimately rested with the companies themselves.

Notably, the interview also touched on Musk’s recent encounter with Donald Trump in Florida. Musk downplayed the meeting, mentioning that it was a casual interaction where Trump dominated the conversation with his customary topics. He clarified that Trump did not solicit any financial contributions during their brief exchange.

In a surprising turn of events, following the contentious interview, Musk decided to cancel the partnership with X that involved the production of ‘The Don Lemon Show.’ Don Lemon expressed disappointment over Musk’s abrupt decision, highlighting the impact it has on their professional collaboration.

Despite the fallout from the interview, the candid discussion between Musk and Lemon shed light on various personal and professional facets of the tech billionaire’s life.

Rachel Adams

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