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Emma Roberts Unveils Riveting Transformation of Hollywood Hills Home



Actor Emma Roberts recently showcased the remarkable renovation of her Hollywood Hills residence, marking a significant transformation in the star’s living space. The house, located in the Hollywood Hills area, was redesigned by the esteemed firm Pierce & Ward, reflecting a fusion of bohemian, mid-century modern, and rustic styles.

Roberts, known for her work in various films and series such as ‘Madame Web,’ shares the home with her three-year-old son, Rhodes. The design team composed of Louisa Pierce and Emily Ward, renowned for their down-to-earth design approach, executed the renovation that culminated in a warm and inviting ambiance in Roberts’ abode.

Having moved frequently during her childhood, Roberts sought to create a haven that truly felt like ‘home.’ When she spotted the property listed for rent on Instagram, originally inhabited by actress Minnie Driver, she decided to purchase it instead. Recalling the emotional day they moved in, Roberts expressed a deep sense of belonging and contentment in the space she now shares with her son.

The living room exudes a cozy charm, with assorted collections of art and decor seamlessly integrating into the aesthetics curated by Pierce & Ward. Ranging from paperbacks stacked in living room cabinets to carefully curated artworks and framed photographs of iconic figures like Debbie Harry and Joni Mitchell, the space embodies a timeless appeal.

The attention to detail in the renovation is evident in various elements throughout the house. Noteworthy pieces include an artwork by Julian Wasser showcasing Joan Didion, adding a touch of vintage flair to the walls. Alongside designer and antique furniture, Roberts’ home also features surprising additions like a kitchen island from Urban Outfitters, reflecting a blend of luxury and accessibility.

For Rhodes, an enchanting space was created, featuring a soothing wallpaper scene on the ceiling and forest-themed decor that strikes a balance between cozy and imaginative. Roberts emphasized the significance of the decor in childhood memories as she aimed to create a space that resonated with comfort and joy.

Rachel Adams

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