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Father’s Day Celebrations Bring Families Together in Queens Park



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Dozens of families gathered early to celebrate Father’s Day at Flushing Meadows Corona Park.

For Manuel Vargas, the day holds special significance, stating that while every day is a day for fathers, this one is particularly important.

Some fathers engaged in soccer games while others cheered on their children.

César Tzul shared his gratitude, emphasizing the need for fathers to be present in their children’s lives more than ever.

He mentioned the importance of dedicating time and effort to their children, citing his daughter’s recent graduation from Columbia University with a neuroscience degree, accomplished through hard work and determination.

The first Father’s Day celebrations in the U.S. date back to 1908 in West Virginia and were spurred by a tragic incident.

Grace Golden Clayton, the daughter of one of the miners who died in an explosion, advocated for a day to honor all fathers.

Thanks to the efforts of Sonora Smart Dodd from Washington, the tradition of celebrating fathers annually began in some states on June 19, 1910.

Now, Father’s Day has been a national holiday for 52 years, recognized nationwide.

Guillermo Andrade highlighted the preference of fathers for sports-related activities for Father’s Day, like playing soccer with family members.

His son expressed gratitude for his father’s support and the values he has instilled in him.

According to some fathers, the celebrations often continue with a barbecue at their homes after the games.

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