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Joanne Carson: Truman Capote’s Friend and Confidante



Joanne Carson: Truman Capote's Friend And Confidante

After months of high anticipation, Ryan Murphy‘s Feud: Capote vs. the Swans finally premiered earlier this week. The series, which is based on Laurence Leamer’s book, follows Truman Capote and his relationship with elite NYC women. Among the A-list cast starring in the show is Molly Ringwald, as Joanne Carson.

So who was Joanne Carson and what was her relationship with Capote? Joanne went on her first date with the legendary personality in 1960, when she was a struggling model and he was an up-and-coming game show host. The two were reportedly set up through her father.

Joanne and Johnny were married from 1963 to 1972. Joanne later became close friends with Capote, inviting him to write at her Bel Air home. Capote’s controversial work, Answered Prayers, featured Joanne as a character.

Truman Capote passed away at Joanne’s home in 1984 at the age of 59. Joanne Carson had a fascinating career of her own, working as a stewardess for Pan Am, appearing on game shows, and hosting her own talk show.

Joanne lived a unique life, receiving a settlement and a portion of Capote’s belongings upon his death. She later auctioned off many of his items in 2006. Tragically, Joanne passed away in her LA home at the age of 83.

Rachel Adams

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