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Kevin Costner Sets the Record Straight on Relationship Rumors with Jewel



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Oscar-winning actor Kevin Costner has addressed the ongoing rumors surrounding his alleged romantic involvement with singer Jewel in a recent interview on the popular show, The Howard Stern Show. The acclaimed star clarified that he and Jewel are simply close friends and have never been romantically involved, putting an end to the speculations.

Costner, 69, who finalized his divorce from ex-wife Christine Baumgartner earlier this year, explained that his friendship with Jewel is special to him and he values it greatly. He emphasized that he did not want the baseless rumors to impact their bond.

The rumors of a possible romance between Kevin Costner and Jewel started circulating after the two were seen together at a fundraising event on Richard Branson‘s private island, Necker Island. Joining them on the trip was actress Emma Watson, further fueling the gossip surrounding their relationship.

During the interview with Stern, Costner revealed that the initial speculation arose from their joint presence at the fundraising event, where they engaged in meaningful conversations. He stressed that while Jewel is beautiful and intelligent, their relationship is purely platonic.

Costner explained that his trip to Necker Island was part of an invitation from Branson that he had accepted after years of being asked. The actor flew in a group of nine individuals, with Jewel and Watson among them. Despite the whispers of a private jet journey with Jewel, Costner clarified that it was a group excursion.

The unfolding of events led to various media outlets reporting on the alleged romance between Costner and Jewel, with sources claiming there was a visible chemistry between the pair during their time in the Caribbean. However, Costner reiterated that their connection is rooted in friendship and mutual respect.

Jewel, in an interview with Elle earlier this year, described Costner as a “great person,” hinting at the public interest surrounding their association. While acknowledging the intense fascination from the media and fans, she emphasized the genuine friendship she shares with the seasoned actor.

Since the clarification provided by Costner on The Howard Stern Show, the rumors surrounding his relationship with Jewel have been put to rest. Both individuals continue to prioritize their friendship, dispelling any notions of a romantic entanglement between them.

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