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Legendary Musician James Taylor Announces Final Australian Tour



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Rock and Roll Hall of Famer James Taylor will embark on what could potentially be his final tour in Australia, marking his sixth visit to the country. Despite nearing 76 years old, the Grammy-winner continues to captivate audiences worldwide with sold-out shows.

Taylor is set to perform at seven concerts during his upcoming Australian tour in mid-April, including appearances at the outdoor events of A Day On The Green in Queensland and New South Wales.

With his last trip to Australia dating back seven years, fans eagerly anticipate his return. Expressing his excitement, Taylor mentioned, ‘It’s been too long so we’re all looking forward to it. We always love to come to Australia… it always feels special.’

Reflecting on his earlier days in the music scene, Taylor recollected his involvement in the creative counter-culture movement of the late ’60s and early ’70s in California. He fondly remembered staying with icons like Joni Mitchell and Carole King, illustrating the vibrant musical atmosphere during that time.

While Taylor treasures connecting with audiences across the globe, he hinted that this tour might mark his final journey to Australia. He stated, ‘There’s nothing that I love better than then going, taking a long trip halfway around the world and finding an audience there that we can play to. But realistically, it may indeed be the last time I bring a band to Australia.’

The seven-date tour is scheduled to commence in mid-April, with performances in various cities and appearances at the A Day On The Green events. Fans can anticipate a memorable and possibly farewell experience with the legendary musician, James Taylor.

Rachel Adams

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