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Lisa Wilkinson Battles Network Ten in Federal Court Over Legal Fees Dispute



Lisa Wilkinson Battles Network Ten In Federal Court Over Legal Fees Dispute

Lisa Wilkinson, the prominent Australian journalist, is currently entangled in a legal dispute with Network Ten in the Federal Court over the payment of her legal fees exceeding $700,000 in the defamation case initiated by former federal Liberal staffer Bruce Lehrmann.


lkinson, known for her extensive career in broadcasting, expressed feelings of abandonment and lack of protection by Network Ten as she faces the legal battle surrounding the interview aired on The Project featuring Brittany Higgins dated February 15, 2021.

In the ongoing courtroom saga, Wilkinson maintained that Ten did not act in her best interests, leaving her in a vulnerable position as her reputation faced media backlash following the delivery of an acceptance speech at the Logies.

The Logies acceptance speech, pre-approved by Ten’s top echelons including CEO Beverley McGarvey, received stark criticisms, with Wilkinson bearing the brunt of the blame publicly.

Bruce Lehrmann’s allegation of sexual assault against him stemming from the Brittany Higgins interview further complicated matters, leading to a delay in his trial and subsequent legal proceedings.

In a bold courtroom revelation, Wilkinson disclosed how Ten executives stripped her off air post-Logies speech fiasco, in a move she perceived as a brand damage control strategy but felt isolated and unsupported through the process.

The legal tussle intensified over the adequacy of representation, with Wilkinson opting for her legal team headed by prominent barrister Sue Chrysanthou SC instead of Ten’s selection, leading to a contentious standoff over cost coverage.

The Federal Court hearings shed light on the intricate details of the events surrounding Wilkinson’s Logies speech, Lehrmann’s subsequent defamation claims, and the broader repercussions on the defendants and the network.

Notable figures involved in the legal wrangle include Shane Drumgold, Matt Collins KC, Tasha Smithies, Robert Dick SC, Michael Elliott SC, and Justice Lucy McCallum, among others, each playing a pivotal role in the unfolding courtroom drama.

Wilkinson’s legal battle against Network Ten continues to unravel, with the Federal Court expected to reach a decisive verdict in the coming months, potentially setting a significant precedent in the realm of media liability and legal representation.

Rachel Adams

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