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Madonna Makes Surprise Appearance on Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars Australia



Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars Australia 2024 saw an unexpected and star-studded moment when contestant Pia Hambour, hailing from Bodega Deli in Victoria, left everyone in awe by calling none other than Madonna during her pitch on the premiere episode aired on Channel 9.

During the show, Pia, who disclosed that she currently serves as Madonna’s personal chef, dialed the music legend, surprising both Gordon Ramsay and Janine Allis.

When asked by Gordon if she was a chef, Pia proudly revealed, ‘I’m private cheffing at the moment… for Madonna.’

In a state of disbelief, Gordon jokingly asked if he could check in with Madonna later for a reference, to which Pia promptly called Madonna, who humorously responded, ‘Hey Pia, I haven’t eaten since you left!’

Gordon attempted to engage Madonna in a casual conversation, asking about her family, only to receive a witty reply, ‘We’re all very hungry!’

Proposing that Pia could become the ‘first Australian Food Star’, Gordon inquired if Madonna would support her on this journey, to which Madonna hesitantly declined, not willing to part with her skilled chef.

Madonna jokingly exclaimed, ‘I hope you lose!’ in a light-hearted banter with Pia, expressing how much she and her family missed her culinary talents.

Pia, in addition to her role as Madonna’s personal chef, is an accomplished entrepreneur with a background in the food and hospitality industry. Having worked in establishments like Mission Chinese and Roberta’s Pizza in New York City, Pia eventually returned to Australia during the pandemic, honing her skills at Movida Next Door and launching her own line of food products under her brand, .

Known for her culinary expertise and aspirations to establish a self-sustainable farm and restaurant, Pia’s journey on Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars promises to be a thrilling one, with surprises and celebrity connections along the way.

Viewers can catch the exciting episodes of Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars on Channel 9 and 9Now, airing on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 7.30 pm.

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Rachel Adams

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