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Margate Artist Tracey Emin Receives Damehood in King’s Birthday Honours



Margate Artist Tracey Emin Receives Damehood In King's Birthday Honours

Margate artist Tracey Emin has been honored with a prestigious Damehood in recognition of her contributions to British art, as announced in the King's Birthday Honours List.

Emin, a prominent figure among the Young British Artists movement of the 1990s, garnered attention for her provocative and boundary-pushing works, including pieces like ‘Everyone I Have Ever Slept With 1963–1995’ and the Turner Prize-nominated installation ‘My Bed’.

Originating from Margate, Emin made headlines in 2017 for acquiring a significant portion of the Thanet Press building in her hometown, where she established living spaces and studios.

In a challenging turn of events, the artist faced a health scare in 2020 when she was diagnosed with bladder cancer, undergoing a major operation that led to the removal of vital reproductive organs and the adoption of a stoma bag. Despite the ordeal, Emin has since achieved remission from the illness.

Notably, Emin was granted the title of Honorary Freewoman of Margate in 2022 in acknowledgement of her global artistic acclaim and her substantial investments in the cultural and physical revitalization of the Margate area.

Continuing her commitment to the community, Emin recently inaugurated TKE Studios (Tracey Karima Emin) and an artist residency initiative in Margate, expanding her portfolio of local ventures that include landmarks like the former Margate Constitutional Club and One Union Crescent.

In a show of philanthropy and dedication, Michelle Weltman, hailing from Birchington, was also recognized in the honours list, receiving the Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE) for her significant contributions to Disability Sport and the LGBTQI Sporting community in London.

Rachel Adams

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